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Ok but we’re forgetting the real holiday here


Ok but we’re forgetting the real holiday here

((Haelth… I’m so sorry that you’ve seen the Maverick twice already. It’s a monster, isn’t it? I hope you understand why it exists, heh.

Anyway, it’s wonderful to meet you finally! Maybe we can go camping sometime and you can instantly light the fire?))



Found! First Earth-Size Planet That Could Potentially Support Life
Astronomers have discovered a planet about the size of Earth,
orbiting its star in the zone where oceans of liquid water would be possible.


A study of the newly-found planet indicates it could have an Earth-like atmosphere and water at its surface. The planet Kepler-186f is the fifth planet of the star Kepler-186, 490 light-years away.

The planet has 1.11 times the Earth’s mass. Its radius is 1.1 times that of Earth. Kepler-186f orbits at 32.5 million miles (52.4 million kilometers) from its parent star. Its year is 130 Earth days. 

The planet orbits Kepler-186, an M-type dwarf star less than half as massive as the sun. Because the star is cooler than the sun, the planet receives solar energy less intense than that received by Mars in our solar system, despite the fact that Kepler-186f orbits much closer to its star.

guys this isn’t just some science jerk-offery. This is legitimately the first confirmed exoplanet that fulfils all of NASA’s main prerequisites, same mass, same density, rocky, right zone in terms of heat, it may even have an atmosphere.

Soon we’re launching a satellite code named “Star Shade”, which although it sounds badass is literal- it’s a massive unfurling shade that will allow a powerful telescope to TAKE PHOTOS of these goddamn planets, no doubt this one will be first on the list, to see what they look like.


I say we name it in honour of Carl Sagan who first brought serious investigation into finding exoplanets in a time where people didn’t even believe they existed, yet.

Those who play with fire should expect to be burned.

((Oh goodness, Sonic! One of my first gaming experiences ever… in real life! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

-Insert much tackle-hugging and tickling here-))

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alternate version of this meme

The tall humanoid feline is walking about with a... very unusual creature behind her. They appear to be a giant fox with nine tales, cream fur and ruby eyes. Both of them seem to be rather happy.





"Well, that was a good work out. I’m sure that it’ll be good now." he said to himself as he was walking down the street, before then the hedgehog noticed the two and blinked. "Oh…? Where are they off to?"

So, this Pigmasks were people that were brainwashed by Porky? Chimera army— …Porky, chimera army— oh Chaos. Was it the same Porky that Ness and Lucas knew? If so, then… He had a sudden flashback of the Ultimate Chimera charging at him after he tried to befriend it, and only he almost got bit and killed.

For a moment he shook at the thought, not wanting to be reminded of what happened. Let’s not speak of that killer thing, yes? Unfortunately, Sonic had already met the ‘creation of demon’ as Sonic would call it, and now he wished that he hadn’t.

Although the sudden change of conversation was appreciated by the hedgehog, and now he managed to smile. The further away he was from the topic of that pink demon, the better.

As they hugged, the hedgehog couldn’t help but grin and watch the cute scene unfold in front of him. It was so good to see that happy moments could still happen. “Ah, bless you both.”

The feline instantly picks up on that spike in energy. She’s sure not to show it, however, her teeth grit and an extremely low-pitched growl escapes her body. Thankfully, this growl is well below Sonic’s and Flare’s hearing range, so they shouldn’t notice anything.

The whole reason she fears humanity… is them. With the help of friends, she’s been getting better, but some scars never heal. Sophie has moved on, but Buddy might never…

She knows plenty about that Ultimate Chimera. It was one of the monsters that the Maverick released from that lab on the day it broke free. She doesn’t know how it was dealt with, but somehow Lucas and his friends survived it long enough to reset the planet. A twinge of that beast within her shows its face, but she manages to surpress it with Flare’s help by being cute.

"What did we do, Sonic? We’re just two good friends, heheh."

"Flare like Sonic!"

The hedgehog chuckled when Flare said that she liked him. Ah, he did get a lot, and he liked Flare too! The azure speedster knelt down and grins cheerfully, “And I like you too, Flare. I think you’re a really friendly friend!” well, he wasn’t sure to use person, so he went with that.

Sonic had his own business as to why he didn’t like Porky so much. He didn’t hate him because hating was something that he couldn’t do easily, but that didn’t mean that someone was safe from him. If he had business to deal with them you can bet your life on it that he’d eventually try to stop and finish the business that he had with them.

"So… You’re a Pokémon, right? I think I’ve met some of you before. During the tournament with the others. Although, it has been a few years now so you’ll have to bare with me when it comes to my memory."

In typical friendly canine fashion, Flare gives Sonic a big, slobbery kiss. She’s careful to lick going with the spines on his face, since she’s licked hedgehogs before. Even she knows how to learn a lesson!

"Yeah! Flare Pokemon! Flare make fire easy."

With that, her tails begin to wag happily. She even generates a breeze because of that! Nine tails flopping around add up quickly.

"She’s a fire type Pokemon and a rather friendly one at that, heheh. You have no idea how much better my life got with her around to light those little fires at night when my fur is soaked and my metal dented."

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My dash is dead, and I’ve been looking for new people to role play with. Most of the KNK fandom is dying, so I’d like to find new people who are willing to role play with my character. OC’s are welcome, anyone is really. 

Seriously though, my dash is d e a d .


cats can straight up do that double jump video game thing


cats can straight up do that double jump video game thing

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